Monday, November 29, 2010

As the Market Crumbles...

Hey Everyone! As we have seen, the market has been stumbling, crumbling, falling, well - you know the rest. This is due to the European Bailout of Ireland and other talks across the world regarding different issues happening. What does that mean for an investor? Well - Bargains! This has been great for investors to pick up discounted stocks that produce even higher yields than before due to the decline. Who do I have my eyes on?

LMT: Lockheed Martin: Currently Trading at $68.20, it just boosted its dividend this quarter, and has done so for the last 10 years Plus! The dividend per share is at $3.00, giving it a 4.40% dividend yield. They are near their 52 week low and are actually a few dollars away from their 5year+ Low! Price to Earnings (P/E) is only 9.63 (I like something below 15 or the average of the S&P 500 Index) with an incredible earnings per share of $7.08. With a $3.00 dividend divided by a $7.08 earnings per share, this gives LMT a payout ratio of 42.4% (I like somewhere between a 40 an 60% range). This shows that they retain earnings for growth opportunities, but also love to give back to their shareholders. Lockheed Martin is in the aeronautics, defense, security sector, with its biggest competitor (according to Google Finance) being Boeing. Now why don't I talk about Boeing? I have nothing against them, but as a dividend investor, Lockheed provides a greater dividend yield and does have proof of incredible dividend growth over the longterm.

I will continue to keep my eye on Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT) and also a few other companies such as Nokia (NOK) and Banco Santander (STD - Bank in Madrid Spain, has been hit hard due to the fact it is apart of the European Union countries, etc).

Disclosure: I do not make recommendations. This is simply full analysis of Companies. However, Lockheed Martin Corporation is priced right for me and I would consider placing a large investment into them, holding a Long Position. All information is from Google Finance as of 6:00 PM on 11/29/2010.  Thank you.

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