Monday, December 13, 2010

Dividend Increases

Today, Pfizer increased its Dividend payout by 11%.  This brings its dividend per share, per quarter to 20 cents.  The reason this excites me is because I hold it in my portfolio and it stems a new lesson that I would like to talk about: Dividend Payout Increases

As we all know, there are two ways we can get a return from stock that we own - Dividends and Capital Appreciation (though you would have to sell your stock to even feel the benefit).  How would you like a cash flow stream from a company's stock that you own, to give you raises every year?  That is basically why I tend to hold Dividend paying Company's stock in my portfolio.  It just makes sense...

For Example: Say if you did own Pfizer and your Dividends normally received from them was $1,000 per year.  Now, from their new dividend increase, you receive $1,110 per year, a nice little $110 raise.  How much work did you have to do for that dividend raise?  Well, if your a small shareholder - besides the research and checking on the company every now and again you really haven't done much work for it.  Also, if you continue to reinvest those dividends, you are now putting more back into your portfolio and owning more of these dividend-paying and dividend-increasing shares; thus adding more to your cash flow.  Another tid-bit, typically when a firm increases their dividend payout - the share price will raise by the annual raise: Example - Pfizer increased their Dividend by 8 cents annually, therefore share price should increase by 8 cents at least (as of market close today 12/13/10 Pfizer finished up 17 cents for a 1% gain).  Therefore, you receive capital appreciate as well from an increase in dividend payout, which fulfills both shareholder returns.

Lessons Described Here: Dividend Paying and Dividend Increasing Companies will further add and grow your cash flow, effortlessly (Less research and keeping up to date with company) growing your portfolios value and possibly raising the value per share in terms of stock price.  The key terminology in the business world is Cash Flow, because that is what primarily determines the value of an asset.  I suggest doing research and finding those great dividend paying company's that annually/frequently increase their dividend payouts.

Disclosure: I do not hold nor recommend anything.  This is actual data, analysis, however I base no investor recommendation.  My position is LONG PFE.  Thank you for your understanding.

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