Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oil and Food Companies

Intelligent Conversations...

I had a very intelligent conversation with an analyst at work yesterday and he proposed that we move into oil, food and precious metals over this time period.  I believe he is right.  I am making this post to see what all the viewers believe about this.  With money flooding into the market/economy, it is weakening the dollar and pushing up prices on our necessary items, such as food and oil.

What companies do you believe to be undervalued in the food and oil industry that have solid dividend yields (Preferably over 3 percent, with a good track record)?  Companies like Exxon, TOTAL, Chevron, Smuckers, Kellogg, PG and the like?  Also - Do you like SLV for silver or is there silver companies that investors are enjoying the benefits of currently?

Lastly - what do YOU all thing is happening with this market currently?  What strategies are you all implementing into your portfolios currently?  Do you believe in "active-trading"?  I will look forward to comments, emails and the like!


Lanny B.

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