Monday, January 24, 2011

Intel Boosts Dividend & Authorizes BuyBack Plan

Big News for Intel (INTC) today!

1.) They boosted their dividend by 15%, from .1575 to .1812 per share per quarter.  This led to their share price to rise by 2.02% today to $21.24 per share.  The dividend yield on Intel is: 0.7248/21.24 = 3.41%; much higher than their previous 3%!!

2.) Intel Authorized a $10Billion buyback plan.

What does this mean for shareholders?  Well, less outstanding shares = higher earnings per share, thus boosts the value of the common stock held by shareholders.  Pairing that up with a 15% increase in dividend and that sums up a great day if you are an Intel investor.  I wanted to add shares to my portfolio, now I have more of a reason too : )

This was a quick post and I just wanted to get the word out there.  For more on Intel, see my analysis.

-Lanny B

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