Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Dividend Portfolio as of 12/31/2010

My Dividend Portfolio:

Symbol Yield Current ShP Annual Income
PFE 4.57% $17.51 42.70
CIM 16.79% $4.11 31.15
NGG 6.31% $44.38 49.66
V 0.85% $70.38 3.35
HRB 5.04% $11.91 9.60
ANH 13.86% $7.00 7.76
HIMX 10.59% $2.36 8.25
PRGN 5.83% $3.43 2.00
SHMR 5.85% $13.75 8.04
LMT 4.29% $69.91 87.00
TOTAL 5.17% 249.51

This marks a 45.12% increase in my annual divided cash flow from my November 27th posting regarding my holdings.  This is due to a few reinvestments from stocks that I own and also a new addition of Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT), which I purchased Thursday, December 30th.  I have set many goals for this year, to which I will use my recent action on Thursday as one for the new year.  I set goals with my friend who is an auditor in Chicago, who was in town and we decided to really set goals and strategize on how to accomplish these.

My goals for 2011:
Invest $7,500.00 (minimum) into DRIP (Dividend Reinvesting) stocks (Update: I have done $2,000)
Maximize my Roth IRA contributions of $5,000.00 for year 2011
Create other Passive Income Streams (which one can see from my Passive Income Online blog)
Start Positions in Speculative/Micro Cap stocks
Accomplish my education and certification goals for 2011 (MBA-Finance graduating May 2011 and CPA exam August 2011)

With these goals, more specifically the investment goals, I hope to add to my dividend income stream.  I will continue to reinvest my dividends from my holdings, which will thus provide me more shares of that stock, thus increasing my dividends annually (all else held constant such as a stable dividend etc).

Disclosure: I do not recommend any particular company. I am therefore Long on all stocks above, but do not provide this chart as a recommendation of any sort. Do your due diligence and find what is suitable for you. Thank You : )

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